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Bleach in Teabags: The Health Risk

The majority of people that drink tea are looking for a healthy, natural way to relax or ease various ailments that they may be suffering from. Very few people realize that tea, which has always been considered as being very healthy, can actually pose a threat to your health if it is served from teabags that have been bleached. This quickly turns something that is intended for healthful uses, into something that can have a potential to negatively alter your life.

How Teabags are Made

The process of how teabags are made goes back to the 1900s. In the beginning teabags were made using hand sewn muslin or silk bags which had been intended to be given to the customer so that they could open them and make use of only the leaves inside. However, as many people found it more convenient to simply steep the contents of the bag in the hot water while it was still in the silk bag, more producers started catering to this instead.

Throughout the decades, the process of the teabag continually changed, and presently teabags are made from materials such as vegetable and wood fibers to make a paper like material. These sachets are filled with tea and then sealed closed with heat-resistant plastic. Typically before this however, the paper material is bleached for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, through this method, the toxins remain on the teabags after being processed and harmful residues end up seeping into the tea brew.

The Effects of Dioxin

One particular chemical, dioxin, lingers on bleached teabags and stands out among the rest due to the many negative effects it can have on the body. Dioxin is a chemical in chlorine that is by no means safe for human consumption. Studies have shown that there is no minimum amount of dioxin that can enter our body that doesn’t have the potential to cause dangerous effects like cancer. Dioxin lingers on bleached tea bags and drifts into the tea as it’s being steeped. Once consumed, our fat cells absorb dioxin where it can linger in the body from anywhere between 7 to 11 years. While stagnant there it can cause disruptions to the hormone system of the body, birth defects, developmental and behavioral disorders, as well as cancer. These effects can target anyone regardless of their age or gender. Even though higher levels of dioxin can lead to higher risk of damage, even the smallest amount of dioxin can put someone at risk for these harmful effects.

Why Choose Unbleached Tea Bags?

Due to the health concerns presented, as consumers become more aware of these immediate dangers related to drinking tea from chlorine bleached teabags, more companies that produce tea are looking into safer, alternative methods. Many tea producers that make use of unbleached teabags will state on the outside of the box that they use unbleached teabags making it easy to pick out the healthier choice between the two. When you’re looking to enjoy a cup of tea and you make use of unbleached teabags, you will feel more satisfied knowing that you are keeping chemicals like dioxin out of your body.

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