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Rosehips Tea: Immune Support

Throughout the years, rosehips have been utilized for various uses however they are most popularly known to be used in rosehips tea. Rosehips tea has such a high concentration of vitamin C that even exceeds the content level of the vitamins offered in citrus fruit by 50% the amount. Due to this rosehips tea is often recommended as an excellent way to offer support to the immune system so as to prevent and ease those that are afflicted by the common cold.

Prevention of Colds

Preventing colds is heavily affected by the assurance of a healthy diet. Making sure the appropriate intake of proteins, vitamins, and minerals is essential in preventing sickness, especially during cold and flu seasons. It’s important to make sure your body gets everything it needs in order to function to its highest potential. Since the majority of people don’t intake as much fruits and vegetables as they should, it’s important to make sure not to be deficient in important nutrients like vitamin C.

Using Rosehips for Colds

Due to its well known ability of supporting the immune system, rosehips tea is often used as a supplement in the treatment and prevention of colds. Since it can help increase the circulation of blood in the body, it can help heal those suffering from colds, as well as ease them of stuffy congested feelings by breaking down mucus in the system. Furthermore, drinking something warm and rich in vitamins can be useful in soothing a sore throat which is also commonly associated with the onset of a cold or flu. Remember it is always wise to consult with a physician prior to using rosehips tea to treat any serious infections or illnesses.

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Rosehips tea can be an effective way to support your immune system and help you prevent and ease the uncomfortable symptoms of the common cold.